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Elevate Your Entertainment Experience with the Movie and Show Tracking Spreadsheet – Your Ultimate Google Sheets Template for 2023 Movie and Show Tracking, Series Management, and Personalized Entertainment Data Management!

Are you excited for a year full of cinematic and showtime adventures? Our Movie and Show Tracking Spreadsheet is meticulously crafted to cater to all your entertainment needs, featuring up to 8 data tabs. Whether you’re tracking your yearly viewing statistics, managing movie and show series, monitoring your spending, or curating your to-watch list, this comprehensive spreadsheet is your ultimate companion on your entertainment journey.

Key Highlights:

  1. Yearly Viewing Insights: Delve into detailed yearly statistics, including total viewings, movies, and shows. Get a comprehensive overview of your entertainment journey’s progression.
  2. Series Mastery: Effortlessly manage ongoing movie and show series with dedicated tabs, ensuring you’re always up-to-date on your series progress.
  3. Smart Spending Management: Keep tabs on your entertainment spending, from subscriptions to rentals, maintaining a clear view of your entertainment budget.
  4. Curated To-Watch List: Create and maintain a list of must-watch titles, ensuring your entertainment choices are organized and you never miss an exciting moment.
  5. Personalized Goals: Set your entertainment goals with the ’23 Movies to Watch in 2023′ section, transforming your viewing journey into a purposeful and fulfilling experience.

Why You Shouldn’t Miss This Movie and Show Tracking Spreadsheet:

User-Friendly and Customizable: You don’t need to be a Google Sheets expert to use and tailor this tracker to your preferences. Automated Calculations: With simple inputs, the spreadsheet handles calculations, providing summaries of your viewing habits, time spent, and more. Stylish and Functional Design: Choose from various design options that blend aesthetics and functionality for an enhanced viewing experience. Sense of Accomplishment: Celebrate your entertainment milestones as you enjoy each title, enhancing the satisfaction of your viewing journey.

Enhance your entertainment adventure, stay organized, and savor every viewing experience with the Movie and Show Tracking Spreadsheet. Elevate your series management, track your progress, and make 2023 a year filled with cinematic marvels and unforgettable shows!

4 reviews for Movie and Show Tracking Spreadsheet, Google Sheets Template, 2023 Movie Tracker, Movie Tracker Template, Show Tracker Template

  1. Nicolette B.

    I like this spreadsheet a lot! Super easy to use and very thorough! It’s also quite aesthetic looking!

  2. Andreanna Smart

    I absolutely love this tracker! It’s so easy to use and I love having the dashboard display, it makes it so easy to keep track of my tv shows in a very cute way 🖤

  3. khristina

    I’ve bought two spreadsheets from this shop and they are both AMAZING! They are so aesthetic and well put together! Easy to use and great tracking formulas implemented into the spreadsheets. I wish this shop would also have a spreadsheet for tracking podcast shows watched/listened to, random but I’d totally buy it. Anyway, this is a great spreadsheet! I use it on the daily.

  4. Carolyn Heather

    Another beautiful but fully functional spreadsheet from this seller. I have tried so many other show trackers (including self created), but most were really simplystic or looked bad. This has everything I need, plus stuff I didn’t know I needed until I got this spreadsheet, but now do! It is also so aesthetically pleasing that it really is a pleasure to use. Finally, my search is over, thank you!

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